Exercise and Alcohol

It’s an obvious statement that many people in the world will have an alcoholic drink in their lives. Even people who are very serious about their health and physical fitness. Certain events come up such as holidays or weddings where people may stray form their eating, drinking, and exercise habits. Although veering from your regular habits is not the end of the world if it is only for one or two days, you want to make sure you do not hinder the progress you have made by consuming too much alcohol.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can undo everything that you just did as a workout.

  1. Alcohol contains calories – You are more than likely going to consume all the calories you burned in a workout by drinking alcohol
  2. Alcohol messes with hormones – Testosterone decreases with consumption of alcohol leading to increased fluid retention and fat deposits.
  3. Alcohol leads to imbalances in the liver – Imbalances in the liver cause one to have low blood sugar, a fatty liver, and fat build up in the bloodstream.
  4. Alcohol depletes water and nutrients – Alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach making it harder to absorb nutrients that are needed for the body.
  5. Alcohol dehydrates your body – Hangovers can last up to 24 hours and sometimes longer. During this time your body is recovering from the alcohol consumption and is very dehyrdated. 

Tips for drinking while on an exercise regimen

  1. Drink in moderation – Socially drink; have 2 drinks with friends
  2. Drink a water in between each alcoholic beverage – You will not only be able to enjoy the alcoholic beverage, but you will also reduce the risk of becoming more dehydrated
  3. Space out your drinks – You do not need to chug your drink to have fun with friends. If you are out for the night, take your time drinking your beverage so that you do not consume more than you originally wanted
  4. Always end the night with a non-alcoholic beverage – This will help reduce the risk of having a hangover the next day, while hydrating yourself more after the night is over.

*The legal drinking age is 21 years old*Drink responsibly*


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