How Humidity Affects your Workout

I think we can all say we are ready for this weather to stop playing games. Right when we all think it’s supposed to be a beautiful summer, we are getting rain and thunderstorms. Unfortunately, the rain we have been getting is now leaving the days warm and humid.

Humidity is the water vapor in the air around us. Sweating is your body’s way of effectively cooling itself down, but the only way your body can reduce its temperature is if the sweat can be evaporated into the air. With all the water vapor in the air, your sweat can not evaporate, leaving your body temperature to increase. Fluid loss from sweating will also decrease one’s blood volume. This makes the heart work harder and faster to make sure there is blood flow to your muscles when exercising.

Now not only is your body less effective in cooling itself down, your heart rate is higher and you have an increased chance of getting heat stress while working out. Here are some tips to reduce that chance and keep your body temperature lower on those hot and humid days.


You should not only be replenishing fluids while you are exercising, but throughout the whole day. Set a goal for yourself at each hour or so on how much water you want to drink. You may be getting up more to use the bathroom but you won’t have to worry about being dehydrated.


Light clothing that doesn’t retain excess moisture or heat while you workout.


Since you know your sweat isn’t going anywhere, wipe it off to help your body cool down in the warm weather.


If you stop to stretch, do stationary exercises, or rest, find shade. Get yourself out of the sun and into a shaded area to cool yourself down.


Check the weather consistently throughout the day so you can alter your workout if need be. Split up your workout so you aren’t in the humidity for long periods of time, decrease the intensity so you aren’t over-stressing your muscles, or go inside if it is a must.

#6. DON’T LET THE RAIN STOP YOU.. unless there is lightening and thunder.

Jogging, running, biking, rollerblading in the rain will feel glorious with the cool rain coming down. Of course, if it is storming bad with lightening and thunder, don’t go out there because although the rain might feel nice still, being struck by lightening probably won’t!

Don’t let humidity stop your workouts! There are always things that can be done to help you get through humidity in warm weather!

If you develop a headache, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, muscle cramps or spasms, or nausea get inside to a cooler temperature, drink water, apply cool damp cloths to skin, and call for medical attention if severe.

Exercising in hot, humid conditions can be dangerous; It is crucial that you realize the importance of precautions and tips when working out so injury can be avoided.


3 thoughts on “How Humidity Affects your Workout

  1. Question. I’ve been getting headaches lately throughout the day after I’ve put in a workout outside. Could it still be that I’m dehydrated even though I’m getting them later on in the day?
    (By the way, great first post!) 🙂

    • Yes it could be. Make sure that even though you may be drinking water consistently before your workout, you need to do that after the workout also to replenish the water and electrolytes in your system. Try a gatorade or G2 and water after workouts to see if that helps. The sugar may help a little too. Keep me updated about how you feel in the next couple days! (And also, THANKS!)

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